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Last 9th of May we welcomed the presentation of the new luxury cosmetics firm 3LAB at our perfume shop of Calle Arabial in Granada, Spain.

3LAB is an American luxury cosmetic brand, from Korean origin, which has just landed Spain. Its founder Erica Chung is a woman with the challenge of developing the “perfect cosmetic” and whose aim was to merge beauty and science to treat the skin. Erica Chung has already turned 60 and we can assure you that she maintains perfect skin thanks to 3LAB, without any kind of surgery.

3LAB has a wide variety of different cosmetics for each skin type. In the next post we will talk carefully about the different product ranges that this prestigious brand has in it portfolio.

3LAB is a brand that only some privileged cities can have exclusively. Granada will be one of the lucky ones. You are probably wondering where to find it. Well, Tiendas Agatha has it in exclusivity, in any of our stores and through our Online Shop.

Our store in Calle Arabial was perfectly decked out to receive this event, in which we could count on the presence of Inés Sastre miss Spain in 1997 and some of the most influential Bloggers and Instagrammers of Granada, invited by 3LAB. In addition, we had the presence of some of our clients to whom we thank for accompanying us in this special event.

Beauty Bloggers during the presentation of 3LAB

During the presentation, the promoters of 3LAB spoke to us in depth about the different treatments offered by this prestigious firm, to whom each line of treatments is directed and how to use them. After finishing the presentation we were able to taste an exquisite catering where we exhibited each one of those present our impressions on 3LAB.

Tiendas Agatha Customers during the presentation of the brand 3LAB

Remember that you can find the products of this luxurious brand in any of OUR PERFUME SHOPS AGATHA, in addition to online, IN THIS LINK. Plus, our Beauty advisers will be happy to give you some help to find the 3LAB cosmetic that best suits you. In our next post we will talk about 3LAB products in depth.