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Sensai launches it first fragrance, SENSAI THE SILK, a special perfume from Floral and Oriental family that evokes a sensual and natural woman. Sensai is always looking for extolling the natural beauty of women and this perfume gets it by surrounding her as if it is silk, leaving a halo of mystical and personal perfume.

Sensai has created both the perfume and eau de toilete, with some notes in common but differentiated according to the intensity and distribution in the olfactory pyramid. In the eau de parfum amber notes are highlighted, while in the eau de toilette version white flowers is the main note.

Sensai the silk fragance in Tiendas Agatha

Here you can see the offactory pyramid, where you can see how fruit scents, flowers and amber, the heart of the fragrance, are mixed.

Sensai the silk fragance in Tiendas Agatha

You can buy this perfume at our ONLINE STORE at an amazing price. Do not hesitate to try it, we guarantee you that it will charm you with its delicate as a silk dress our skin.