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Did you know that cosmetics expire? When we open the jar of our favorite cream for the first time, a process of oxidation of the assets begins. In addition, this process is accelerated if the product is open too long.

A good cosmetics contain preservatives that make it have a long life in good condition. However, when a cosmetic has been opened we have to control until it reaches its useful life.

To check the expiration date of a particular product, check the expiration symbol on the package. It represents an open jar and indicates with numbers the months it lasts once we open it for the first time.

Consequences of using an expired cosmetic

Depending on whether our skin is sensitive, atopic or reactive, allergies, pimples and even imperfections may appear. If we notice a bad smell in the product or even bad color we should get rid of it.

Duration of products

Liquid Products: Normally they have a shorter life than compact products.

Liquid bases, gel or mousse: Its duration is usually between 12 and 24 months.
Mascara mascara: The ideal is to change the mask every 6 months, it is also necessary for hygiene since the brush can concentrate microorganisms that can be harmful to our eyes.

Lipsticks: Its duration is usually 24 months, but if its smell or color changes get rid of them immediately.

Blushes: If its color changes it is because it is already expired.

Maintenance of our cosmetics

To avoid that the products lose their effectiveness we leave you some tricks to treat them in the best way.

Clean hands at the time of application, to prevent possible bacteria or germs affect our cosmetic and thus damage their properties.

Conservation under optimal conditions, cosmetics should be well closed as they could oxidize. Keep them away from heat and direct light.

Keep cosmetics and applicators clean. It is recommended to clean periodically the applicators and tools that we use in our beauty routine (brushes, brushes, sponges, etc.) to avoid bacteria.

Personal use. Cosmetics and makeup are not transferable, especially if they are lipsticks, powders or masks since the bacteria could be passed from one skin to another.

To guarantee that our products are fresh and of quality, they do not spend more than 6 months in our warehouses. We work directly with beauty brands, and these are responsible for periodically removing older batches and replacing them with more recent manufacturing batches.