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As every year since 2014, Natura Bissé invites us again to celebrate Beauty Lovers Day 2019, the international day of beauty, this time on April 25th. Join us to enjoy the wonderful surprises that Natura Bissé prepares with the same passion of each year, including a great raffle. Keep reading to discover how to participate.

Every year, Natura Bissé invites us to celebrate Beauty Lovers Day, demonstrating its firm commitment to skin care. It is a unique day to celebrate the beauty of each woman, her personality, diversity and feminine singularity.

Among other surprises, this year, Natura Bissé brings us one of its most emblematic products, Diamond Extreme and as a gift, one of its latest revolutionary releases for this year dressed in a beautiful red color, to create a unique set:

Extreme Diamond extremely combat the dryness of the skin, thanks to its ingredients such as Artemia salina, which helps the instant stimulation of skin energy. In a single application the skin is transformed becoming more flexible, hydrated and also protected and full of life.
Diamond Cocoon Bath & Shower Balm, a body cleanser that nourishes the skin intensely leaving it soft and silky, removes toxins from the skin and contaminants without damaging the skin barrier. Thanks to its formulation with prebiotic plants, combined with organic rice water, improves the microorganisms of the skin providing the minerals, nutrients and vitamins necessary for perfect skin.
You can shop this Beauty Lovers Day Limited Edition Value Set AT THIS LINK.

The Beauty Lovers Day 2019 is the ideal opportunity for you to try these and other fantastic Natura Bissé products. Approaching any of our stores, you will receive samples of these products and you can celebrate with us this wonderful day, shopping Natura Bissé products at great discounts.

In addition, Natura Bissé celebrates The Beauty Lovers Day 2019 with a great draw on Instagram. To participate you only have to:

Upload a photo on Instagram that conveys what beauty is for you (for example, spending time with friends, feeling confident, etc.).
Your Instagran wall must be public, and publications in Stories will not be counted.
Label Natura Bissé’s Instagram account, and Agatha Stores, if you wish, so that we can help you with more diffusion.
The publication must contain the #BeautyMeans Hashtag.
Remember and write this day April 25 in your agenda and come to Tiendas Agatha where you can learn more about the brand Natura Bissé, a Spanish brand that has managed to represent internationally the beauty and glamor of high cosmetics.