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Beachproff Makeup

  • In this post we want to talk about the best way to wear your makeup this summer in a natural and subtle way, without giving up a good look and being able to show off your best version.
  • As we know, at this time of year, many of us tend to leave our makeup on due to sweat, baths or, in many cases, because our skin already looks a little tanned and the foundation we have is no longer worth it.
  • For this reason, we want to give you some guidelines so that you can achieve perfect makeup for this summer, whether you are going out for an aperitif, shopping or for a walk on magical summer nights.
  • First of all, we must be aware that the best option is makeup that can withstand high temperatures as well as baths and that looks very natural, as well as refreshing and plumping the skin.
  • When we mention all these aspects, the first concept that may come to mind is that of Waterproof makeup. Is the best option? To answer this question, we must be aware of the difference between waterproof makeup and waterproof makeup.
  • Waterproof makeup is resistant to water, this means that it is water repellent but not waterproof, that is, if we are going to submerge ourselves in water or we are going to practice sports that require high intensity, it may not serve us enough, and then we would resort to the Water Resistant, but if the sweating is light or not we are going to get our face too wet, they can be good allies.
  • Water Resistant products are made with a smaller amount of water but have greater pigmentation and are widely used formulas, for example, for eye shadows, since they resist processes such as sweating very well thanks to their high oil and wax content.

Next we are going to give you some tips so that your makeup looks perfect this summer:

Teaology Crema Hidratante Refrescante de Té Matcha

1º- Correctly prepare the skin

This step is essential. If we do not prepare the skin correctly before applying our makeup, it will not look good since it will not set properly and may not be distributed evenly, reducing its naturalness and good-looking effect.

To prepare our skin we must hydrate it correctly, this is to apply a good moisturizer. The most recommended for our summer makeup will be to use light formulas in gel format that refresh and absorb quickly.

Let’s not forget to wait for the moisturizing product to be absorbed by the skin to apply our makeup.

An example of a gel moisturizer that is perfect for this time is Payot Hydra 24 +, a cream gel whose sorbet texture is very well absorbed by the skin, providing it with extraordinary hydration and perfect freshness for this summer.

Another highly-demanded cream for its high hydration and composed only of natural ingredients is Teaology’s Matcha Tea Refreshing Cream. The most important thing is that you choose the one you choose, make sure it hydrates correctly.

Clarins SOS Primer Melocotón 30 ml

2º- Add a primer

The first one is a product that we’ve only known for a short time but it has shown wonderful effects since it fixes makeup, helps to distribute it evenly and helps us to need less product.

The first Clarins SOS is one of the best sellers, since it is a very light primer that hydrates and refreshes. Its wide range has specialized in each type of skin, there being a different primer for each of them and depending on the result you want. Thus we can find SOS Primer in its mattifying versions, for skin with redness, luminosity provider or for fatigued skin.

Shiseido Brocha Base de Maquillaje

3º- Less is more

Many times due to ignorance we apply a lot of makeup base, which reduces the naturalness and elegance of our look.

For this reason, it is important to start by applying a small amount and only slightly increase the amount in specific areas that have imperfections that we need to hide more.

Especially in the summer, we look for fresh and light makeup, so the less product the better look we will get. The ideal is to help us with brushes for a better application in specific areas.

A good brush like Shiseido’s for foundation ensures uniform distribution and a perfect finish thanks to its specific shape.

Sisley Phyto-Blush Twist Cream

4º- Light textures

In summer, since we are looking for a natural complexion, it is best to use soft textures that allow us to cover imperfections and unify the face, leaving a natural and fresh finish.

For this, the formulas of BB Creams and CC Creams are perfect since they hide naturally, providing freshness and juiciness.

A BB Cream that we at Tiendas Agatha declare ourselves fans of is the BB Cream Payot Pate Grise Creme Teintee, a light and melting BB Cream that provides a luminous finish as well as protecting the skin from the sun thanks to its SPF30 protection factor.

Also blush or cream texture shadows can provide a fresh and bright touch.

This Shiseido Minimalist Whipped Powder blush ensures a unique and long-lasting pigment that, thanks to its mousse texture, blends perfectly with the skin, ensuring a perfect finish.

Clarins Fix Make Up 50 Ml

5º- Fix your makeup

This step is also crucial to keep our makeup intact.

The use of powder or spray fixatives ensures a perfect face without having to worry about it getting damaged.

There are fixers that provide a matte finish and others that create a glow finish. You just have to find the one you like the most.

Clarins Fix Make Up is a spray fixative that, thanks to its content of naturally-derived moisturizing agents, keeps the skin hydrated and the makeup perfect.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a more matte finish, Chen Yu’s mattifying powders create a fine film that promises a fixed make-up and a very beautiful matte finish.

Medik8 Physical Sunscreen SPF50 60 ml

6º. Apply sunscreen

Super important and crucial is that we apply a cream with sun protection before applying our makeup as well as using a base that has a sun protection factor, as we will insure our skin against the damage caused by the sun, avoiding its aging.

It is important that you spread your sun protection cream on the face, ears, neck and neckline, preferably factor 50, since they are more sensitive and more exposed areas.

There are many sunscreens, but for the face at Agatha we have our favourites, such as Lancaster Sun Beauty Sublime Tan, which, in addition to protecting it correctly from the sun, helps the skin acquire a beautiful natural tan.

Likewise, Medik8 Physical Sunscreen is a broad-spectrum protector that protects against any type of light and provides vitality and luminosity to the skin, making it look radiant.

We hope these tips will help you look perfect this summer in a subtle way without neglecting your makeup!!