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Lancaster Sun 365 Instant Self Tan Gel Cream Face


Shop online Lancaster Sun 365 Instant Self Tan Gel Cream Face at the best price.

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Lancaster knows that with a high quality protection you get a beautiful and durable tan. Lancaster offers you its best sun protection thanks to its revolutionary Full Light technology that fights 100% of the UV rays formed by (UVA + UVB + VISIBLE LIGHT + INFRARED) to better protect the skin so that it looks more beautiful against the damages caused for the Sun. This protector offers a golden tan progressive while maintaining the firmness of the skin and elasticity. Indicated for skins that burn easily or tan in a progressive way. Your face is the part of the body that is most exposed to the sun, so face care should be the first thing to protect, so you should protect it from the morning to avoid signs of visible DNA damage caused by the Sun.



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