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Menard Authent Crema Nº2 50 ml


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Menard Authent Cream Nº2 is an exclusive anti-aging treatment based on stem cells whose function is to generate new dermal and epidermal cells that synthesize collagen and other essential active ingredients in the fight against aging more efficiently and lastingly.After 7 years of research, it has been possible to create a formula rich in this type of cell and therefore capable of really and effectively combating the signs of aging.Its content in wild cherry seed extract multiplies the number of stem cells.Likewise, Pang Da Hai and Purple Barley seed extracts contribute to the differentiation and replacement of aged stem cells with new stem cells of the dermal and epidermal type.The result is a younger and healthier skin, with a radiant and luminous appearance, never before achieved by any cosmetic.We recommend applying at night on previously clean and dry skin by gently massaging from the center to the outside of the face.



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