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Clinique Super Energizer SPF40 Anti Fatigue Concentrated 48ml

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Clinique creates its new treatment for men anti fatigue and facial moisturizer, thanks to its active ingredients and technology protects the skin against external agents that cause premature aging of the skin, protects from the grape rays, one of its star ingredients is the caffeine that returns energy to the skin while also improving blood circulation to the skin, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and trehalose provides an extra hydration to the skin lastingly and at the moment, another essential ingredient is Sea Whip Extract calms the skin and reduces inflammation of the skin, vitamin C and E that provide antioxidants to the skin throughout the day eliminating fatigue and stress that appears on the face throughout the day. The skin is smoothed and wrinkles and small lines of expression are attenuated, and the skin regains its luminosity.