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Collistar Natura Transforming Essential Cream 110 ml


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Create your own treatment with Collistar. Collistar presents a treatment for each type of skin 100% homemade and natural, now you can create your treatment and transform a product into a product with many qualities ie made to measure. This Collistar kit contains an Essential Transforming Cream, a glass bowl with a spatula. Transforming Essential Cream is a velvety and rich cream, it is an ideal treatment for day to day, to get younger skin for longer. Its qualities are the hydration of the skin, smoothes and smooths it and protects it from external agents produced by pollution. Thanks to its ingredients such as Stevia extract that moisturizes and protects, Quinoa extract that softens and a high concentration of butters of luxurious plants, make this treatment a unique treatment. Now from this cream you can create another 5 treatments: create your supernutrition treatment mixing it with oil, lightening treatment if you mix it with yogurt, create a mask mixing it with honey, you can also create your own



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