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Massada Massroller Body Sculptor + Minceur Intensive Cream 200 ml Gift Set

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This set includes the innovative Massroller Body Sculptor, a device designed to massage and sculpt the body, and the 200 ml Minceur Intensive Cream, which enhances the action of the massage by reducing localized fat and improving the firmness of the skin, providing visible results. and effective.



Massada is a high-end natural cosmetics brand that combines tradition and innovation, as its laboratories focus their work on extracting the benefits and properties of organic ingredients and ancestral medicine to create a wide range of products for beauty and well-being. Its philosophy lies in achieving the alignment of body, mind and spirit through its treatments. Ingredients such as minerals from the Dead Sea, fruits from the Amazon Rainforest or delicate plants from Provence are combined with innovative technologies to achieve maximum effectiveness and excellence in their formulas. The sensoriality of its textures and the pleasure of its perfumes together with the high quality and properties of its raw materials achieve well-being for body and mind. Sustainability is a maxim throughout its production process, always maintaining maximum respect for the environment.