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Gioiello Liquido Face Masck Divine Ruby 50 ml

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Gioiello Liquido Maschera Viso Rubino Divinoface Mask Divine Ruby is an exclusive facial mask that exerts a global action that rejuvenates, hydrates, drains, regenerates and illuminates the face, achieving spectacular results. The star ingredient of the line, Ruby powder, joins this time with powerful active ingredients such as Vitis Vinifera extract, Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin, high molecular weight Sodium Hyaluronate and Betaine whose union manages to act by rebuilding intracellular bonds and promoting regeneration of Collagen and new cells, completely renewing the skin. Its powerful firming and antioxidant action creates a protective barrier that prevents free radicals from causing damage at the cellular level, eliminating signs of aging and fatigue. Its high moisturizing power derived from Betaine and Glycerin revitalizes facial skin, enhancing a beautiful luminosity that reveals a rested and renewed face. Its enveloping texture envelops you in an aphrodisiac fragrance from Strawberry Grapes, which in turn provides a beautiful red color to this wonderful mask. We recommend applying 3 times a week. Apply a thin layer to previously cleansed and dry facial skin. Let it act for around 15 minutes. Then remove the excess with the help of a cotton pad or a damp sponge. Do not rinse.

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