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Payot Herbier Huile Demaquillant 100 Ml


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Payot Herbier Make-up Remover with Olive Oil is a make-up remover oil composed of a mixture of different oils of vegetable origin in whose composition reigns the organic olive oil of Provence, an oil that deeply hydrates the skin by reactivating the original hydration system of the skin.Payot Herbier Make-up Remover with Olive Oil is a gentle and respectful oil for the most sensitive skin, so it is recommended for all skin types.The combination of organic olive oil from Provence and other vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil and sunflower oil achieve a powerful, all-natural make-up removal efficacy that removes even waterproof make-up from the face and eyes.In addition, thanks to the powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action of these compounds, we are able to combat aging while cleansing our skin in a natural and deep way.After using it, we will notice our skin clean, soft and hydrated.After 4 weeks of use, the benefits are magnified, providing more luminosity and smoothness to the skin.At Tiendas Agatha we like it for the quality of Payot’s ingredients and for its great effectiveness as a product of natural and organic origin.We recommend applying it to dry skin by heating a few drops of oil in the hands and applying it by gently massaging the face and eye contour. Add a little water, mix using a circular massage and rinse with water.



Payot is a luxury cosmetic brand with origin in Paris, France. It was created by Dr. Nadia Payot, one of the first women to become doctors in history, in 1920. Almost 100 years later, Payot is one of the most prestigious beauty firms in the world, with a complete and effective line of treatments, Adapted to the skin of every women.

Almost 100 years ago, Dr. Nadia Payot created a line of unique beauty treatments, which together with a series of innovative application techniques, made of Payot an iconic brand in terms of skin care, laying the foundations of Modern cosmetics.

Payot has created a complete range of facial and body cosmetic products, with a quality faithful to the standards established by Dr. Nadia Payot at its origin. Among its line of cosmetics, stand out the serums, of which we can find one for every need of the skin. Also its line of moisturizers and anti-aging creams are of an exquisite quality.

Payot’s treatment lines are divided into Absolute Pure White, Dr. Payot Solution, Élixir, Expert Pureté, Fresh Body, Hydra 24+, Hydra, Body, Les Démaquillantes, Les Élixirs, My Payot, Perform Lift, Performance Body, Pure Body, Sensi Expert, Sun Sensi, Suprême Jeunesse, Techni Liss, Uni Skin.

Payot has also a complete line of men’s cosmetics, Payot Homme Optimale, where you can find from shaving and beard care products, to moisturizers.

Nowadays, Payot continues to stand out internationally as one of the most outstanding and prestigious beauty brands. It has presence in 70 countries and can be found in more than 7,500 selective points of sale, beauty institutes, perfumeries and department stores.

Tiendas Agatha – Perfumería y Estética is authorized official distributor of the brand Payot, and has exclusive license in Granada.

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