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Gioiello Liquido Facial Cleansing Milk Sea Water 150 ml

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Gioiello Liquido Latte Detergent Viso Acqua Marina is a creamy, melting cleanser that deeply cleans all skin types, even the most sensitive. This action is possible thanks to the combination of Hyaluronic acid and Sodium PCA which, in combination with a certified organic marine macroalgae, Kappahycus Alvarezii purifies the skin in addition to providing it with intensive hydration in the short and long term. Its formula oxygenates the dermis in addition to improving cellular activity, restoring the skin barrier and providing luminosity to the skin. Its firming action progressively recovers the skin’s youth while cleansing it, making it an all-round product. The result is clean, deeply hydrated, plumped and luminous skin. We recommend applying on a cotton pad and gently gliding over the face. Finally, remove with a towel moistened with water or tonic.

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