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Gioiello Liquido Jojoba Oil Divine Ruby 150 ml

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Gioiello Liquido Olio Di Jojoba Corpo Rubino Divino is pure Jojoba oil, ideal for hydrating and rejuvenating the skin of the body thanks to its high Ceramide content. This oil is also rich in vitamins E and F, which contain a powerful antioxidant effect that slows down cellular aging, combating wrinkles and signs of aging. Its high moisturizing and hydrating power creates a barrier capable of retaining hydration, preventing the skin from drying out and showing a dull and aged appearance. Likewise, it manages to reinforce Collagen and Elastin fibers, returning elasticity and softness to the skin. The result is deeply hydrated and rejuvenated skin with a radiant appearance. It absorbs quickly without leaving residue, allowing you to get dressed immediately and do your activities without a problem. We recommend applying to clean, dry skin, massaging gently in circular movements.

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