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Gioiello Liquido Cleansing Body Oil Divine Ruby 150 ml

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Gioiello Liquid Olio Detergent Corpo Rubino Divino is a shower oil that delicately cleanses the skin while keeping its hydrolipidic mantle intact. Its content of Ruby powder and Vitis Vinifera extract together with the exclusive X-50 SILHOUETTE complex that acts directly on adipocytes and fat accumulations, creates a double toning and lipolytic action that remodels and sculpts the silhouette. The skin acquires elasticity and smoothness, providing tone and vitality to the epidermis. The result is clean, toned, smooth skin and a refined and reshaped silhouette. Its delicate and pleasant aroma envelops you in an exclusive sensation of well-being while you apply it. Its gentle formula makes it ideal for sensitive, dry or sun-reddened skin. We recommend massaging onto damp skin and rinsing with plenty of water.

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