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Bella Aurora Bio10 Forte Botanic


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Bella Aurora Bio10 Forte Botanic is an anti-stain and luminosity-enhancing serum that unifies the skin tone, making it show its maximum splendor. Bella Aurora Bio10 Forte Botanic has been formulated with the exclusive BCore 221 Technology prolonged release encapsulated system that eliminates dark spots of different origin: solar, hormonal, senile lentigines as well as post-inflammatory marks. This system is joined by a combination of four botanical extracts that enhance the luminosity of the skin and unify its tone. Licorice extract intensely hydrates the skin while exerting a powerful antioxidant action, thanks to its richness in flavonoids. Bearberry extract prevents the appearance of spots and attenuates existing ones, making the skin appear uniform. Blackberry extract provides light to the face, while its high amount of antioxidants reduces the appearance of dark spots and scars. Lemon extract protects the skin against aging. Bella Aurora Bio10 Forte Botanic is the ideal treatment to treat existing stains and prevent their appearance in a natural and safe way, since 96% of its ingredients are of natural origin. We recommend applying every morning massaging onto previously clean and dry skin.

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Bella Aurora is a Spanish cosmetic brand.  From US origins, it arrived to Spain in 1914 and nowadays, 100 years later, the firm continues fighting against skin spots.  Since its inception, Bella Aurora decided to develop anti-spot treatments. Their first release, the famous Anti-dark spot Cream double force, remain on the market today . Throughout more than 100 years, the brand has fought the spots caused by aging, damage caused by the sun or hormonal changes during pregnancy. Each and every cosmetic, from moisturizers to serums, including tonics, soaps or cleansers, have a mission : To fight or lessen skin pigmentation in women. They are developed and manufactured in their own laboratories, located in Spain. Tiendas Agatha - Perfumes and Cosmetics is official dealer of the brand Bella Aurora.