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Clarins Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert 200 ml

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Body Fit Expert Minceur Anti-Capitons is an anti-cellulite gel-cream from Clarins, an expert in body contouring. The latest Clarins slimming innovation brings us this body line cosmetic that effectively combats cellulite, contributing to smoothing and firming the skin of the body. Remodel the silhouette, eliminating fats and acting on the contour. It also acts as a cellular trainer, regulating the production of the fibers that cause the stiffness of the skin, contributing to give a healthier appearance. In addition to reducing cellulite, helps prevent the appearance of it, thanks to its lifting effect on the skin. In the formulation of this proven efficacy cosmetics, the extract of quince leaf, combined with 8 extracts of plants. Light and fresh texture, and pleasant perfume, it provides a pleasant sensation on contact with the skin. The result: Reaffirms, smoothes and visibly embellishes the skin.

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