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Payot Blue Techni Liss Day Cream 50ml


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Payot creates its new line of treatments Blue Techni Liss is a treatment that contains phyto-endorphins that help promote the metabolism of cells, in addition to the natural creation of collagen to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and even minimize the existing ones, its content in extract of marrube that acts as a protective shield against blue light, that neutralizes the free radicals that emits the light of the computers that cause the rupture of the biorhythms, the extract of lindera aggregata helps the skin to recover its luminosity , others of its ingredients are the high molecular weight hyaluronic acid that softens the skin minimizing and attenuating wrinkles and small lines of expression, hyaluronic acid reticulated and in capsules that fills wrinkles intensely, Oligo-Peptides of hibiscus reduces movements of the muscles that cause the appearance of fine lines.

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