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Gioiello Liquido Silver Leaf Pure Gold 25 pcs. 8×8

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Gioiello Liquido Foglia In Argento Oro Puro is an exclusive treatment of pure silver leaves that is a unique treatment for your skin. These silver leaves act as a mask, transferring the excellent antibacterial, anti-aging and regenerating properties of silver to the facial skin. This treatment is ideal for skin that has problems such as acne, infections and signs of aging, such as wrinkles and lack of luminosity. Its active ingredients reduce irritation and redness while protecting against dehydration, as silver leaf regenerates damaged and/or irritated skin in an amazing way, also ensuring that this type of skin simultaneously benefits from an anti-aging action. Thus, it is possible to reduce imperfections and the irregular texture of the skin, making it appear renewed, calm and rejuvenated. We recommend applying the silver leaf by gently pressing on previously clean and dry skin. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then massage until completely absorbed.