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Gioiello Liquido 24Kt Gold Leaf Pure Gold 4 pcs. 5×5 cm + 2 pcs. 8×8 cm

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Shop online Gioiello Liquido 24Kt Gold Leaf Pure Gold 4 pcs. 5×5 cm + 2 pcs. 8×8 cm at the best price.

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Gioiello Liquido Foglia Oro 24 Kt Pure Gold is an exclusive 24 carat pure gold treatment specifically designed to rejuvenate, detoxify and restore the skin by promoting the deep regeneration of epithelial cells. Pure gold manages to pass through the skin, stimulating blood circulation and the action of the lymph nodes, eliminating toxins and promoting cellular innovation. Gold has multiple qualities and benefits for the skin, among which the elimination of imperfections such as wrinkles and expression lines, signs of tiredness and fatigue, and hydrating and giving shine to the skin stand out. Its formula is totally natural and hypoallergenic, not tested on animals.We recommend applying the Gold Line product to completely clean and dry skin according to your needs. After this step, apply the gold leaf by gently pressing it onto the skin, being careful to only touch the sheet of tissue paper. Remove the sheet of tissue paper and apply the rest of the sheets in the same way. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then massage the skin until the mask is completely removed. Depending on your preference, you can leave the residue on the skin or rinse it off.