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Collistar Protective Magic Drops SPF50

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Collistar Protective Magic Drops SPF50 is an anti-aging treatment that keeps the skin protected against the factors that cause the appearance of signs of aging in addition to treating existing ones. Its formula rich in Niacinamide rejuvenates and illuminates the skin while the Hyperfermented Rice water provides the face with a high amount of antioxidants that revitalize the complexion and unify its tone and texture. The exclusive SMART SUN PROTECTION complex is a provitamin D filtering system that allows the skin to absorb the benefits of sunlight while its SPF50 protection factor protects against the harmful effects of all types of light. A complete treatment to rejuvenate and illuminate the skin while protecting it from the sun and external agents. We recommend applying daily in the morning, massaging into clean, dry skin.

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