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Carita Progressif Lift Fermete Genesis Of Youth Intensive Lift Firmming Cream 50 ml

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Progressif Lift-Fermete de Carita is the ideal treatment to prevent premature aging of the skin, it is a reaffirming cream that maintains the youth and vitality of the skin, its texture is refreshing so it does not contribute that feeling of fat to the Skin, is absorbed quickly so it acts more precocious on the skin. Thanks to its ingredient Lift Origin acts directly on the origin of the causes of aging, thus reforming the loss of firmness and provide greater flexibility to the skin. For greater efficiency it is advisable to apply a generous amount throughout the face totally clean in the morning and at night.

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Carita is a luxury brand of high-end Parisian cosmetics with more than 70 years of antiquity. It belongs to the luxury division of the L'Oreal beauty group.

In 1945, the sisters Rosy and Mary founded the beauty firm Carita in Paris, with a goal, to bring the concept of "Total Beauty" to all the women of the world. They began to develop a line of creams with a high degree of personalization, always looking for maximum effectiveness. The motto of the brand, "Products that are born in the exception and the excellence", explains perfectly the philosophy that Carita follows in the development of its cosmetics.

With a focus always on getting real results on the skin, Carita offers a wide range of beauty treatments through the combination of cosmetic and in-cabin treatment sessions. To do this, it has developed Cinetictm Lift Expert (available in Tiendas Agatha), a powerful machine for skin treatment exclusively with Carita products, which combines LED lights and ultrasounds, with the aim of combating aging. Thanks to this combination, the "before and after" results are clearly noticeable.

The development and manufacturing process of Carita creams is carefully thought out to achieve perfection in their cosmetic lines. From the design, choosing the best ingredients, to the test, going through the elaboration, using the most advanced technology, all steps are planned.

The brand Carita can be found in selective perfume shops around the world, and the machine Cinetictm Lift Expert is in beauty centers carefully selected for their experience and professionalism.

Tiendas Agatha - Perfumería y Estética is authorized official distributor of the brand Carita.