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Alqvimia Wellness Experience Box


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Bestsellers Experience Box in which you will find 4 products to live an absence at home Spa experience, a transformation where beauty becomes light, these products are: • Relaxing Lavender Body Oil: with relaxing and skin-protecting properties, leaving a feeling of relaxation and well-being. • Tea Tree Bath and Shower Gel: protects the most sensitive and delicate skin and hydrates it intensely, preventing possible skin conditions. • Natural Fitness Body Oil: eliminates the feeling of fatigue after a strenuous day of physical exercise, activates microcirculation, tones and hydrates the skin, leaving a feeling of freshness and life, it also prepares the body before practicing sports. • Comfort Legs Body Oil: tones and gives vigor to the legs, leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness and lightness, relieves and prevents the feeling of heaviness.