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Chloe Signature Naturelle Edp


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Chloe Naturelle is the union of elegance and nature made perfume.Chloe discovers a new floral fragrance, genuine, free and authentic like the woman she is inspired by.The top notes of this long-awaited fragrance are made up of black currants and citron. The heart notes are composed of 100% organic rose essence and Moroccan neroli, and the base notes are topped by mimosa and cedar that give a slightly woody essence.It is an essentially floral fragrance and 100% natural, characterized by the genuineness of its ingredients including the alcohol it contains, obtained naturally.Thus Chloe Naturelle becomes Chloe’s most natural and respectful fragrance without neglecting its sensual, enveloping and caring aroma, made for a free, authentic, elegant, strong woman who at the same time loves nature and everything that wraps it up.Chloe Naturelle has not only managed to create a 100% natural perfume that leaves a fresh and enveloping trail, but in the composition of its bottle we find 25% recycled materials and the cardboard of its box is made up of 40% of these materials.Its iconic bottle also has a beautiful eco-friendly design as it is decorated with a 100% natural green ribbon.In Agatha Stores we like it because in addition to being a totally natural perfume, it is a very sensual perfume and leaves a trail that surprises with its durability.Its organic rose aroma is sweet and inviting, and the sustainability of its ingredients make it an outstanding perfume.



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