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Burberry My Burberry Blush Eau de Parfum


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Burberry takes its most passionate side with its new fragrance My Burberry Blush, designed for delicate and full of tenderness women, who likes to walk around charming places in the first light of the day, such as gardens full of flowers, in the that the aroma invades every corner of the garden. Its notes are formed by citrus fruits such as lemon and pomegranate giving a vibrant touch, its heart notes form rose petals, green apple and geranium a fruity touch, full of harmony, its base notes are jasmine and glycine that leave a wake irresistible and full of femininity. The design of the container is the most sophisticated, in the form of a cube with thick glass leaving the color pink in the light, transmitting its essence. The specially designed cap for this fragrance imitates the buttons of the Burberry gabardine, decorated by a sweet and tender bow.

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