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Chanel Nº5 L´EAU Eau de Toilette


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Nº5 L´EAU can be defined as the Nº 5 of today, an ideal, exciting floral bouquet with a modern touch. Nº5 L´EAU unlike the other fragrances of Chanel, L´EAU highlights the citrus fruits of its composition, orange and tangerine are noted thanks to aldehydes, in the background the richness in flowers is noted. The rose wraps with the jasmine becoming more modern. Behind this whirlwind of flowers, there is an exclusive energy formed by the vetiver and the cedar along with delicate musk notes. Nº5 has never been so simple. Nº5 is a fragrance that you can use both day and night, for any type of event or simply for day to day thanks to its creators who have created a new concept of harmony and the perfect amount of freshness, obtaining all the character and The soul of our age. It takes Nº5 L´EAU with self-determination and without damage.

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