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Yves Saint Laurente Cologne Bleue Eau de Toilette


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Yves Saint Laurent creates a special colony for men called Cologne Bleue, inspired by the freshness of the turquoise water or the oceans, with personality but faithful to the style of L’Homme. Designed for free men, men who do not care about anything, elegant men who like to show their way of being and character. His notes are bloody orange, grapefruit and tangerine which bring luminosity and vibration to the fragrance combined with black pepper and cardamom that add a fun touch to his aroma, his heart notes are lavender and geranium mixed with apple and thyme that give warmth to its aroma, its base notes add masculinity to the fragrance thanks to the cedar and sandalwood combined with patchouli that make the wake of Bleue more lasting and intense as well as a long duration of the fragrance.

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