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Bourjois Khol & Contour Extra Long Eye Pencil


Shop online Bourjois Khol & Contour Extra Long Eye Pencil at the best price.

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Bourjois presents us his Khol and Contour eye pencil to obtain an intense color in your eyes and with a duration of up to 16 hours, thanks to its innovative formula with pure pigments it provides an intense layout with a single application, it is also soft not to hinder Eye makeup both inside and outside. Khol and Contour is hypoallergenic so all types of skin can be used, because of its vitamin E content and natural waxes, thus respecting the most delicate area of the eye. You can find up to 10 different shades of Khol and Contour.

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The company Bourjois, born in 1863, is a private French company dedicated to the manufacturing and selective distribution of mainly make-up products and perfumes and cosmetics to a lesser extent. In its origins it was a house of makeup and perfumes for the actors and actresses of Paris. Today the company reaches an international  

Through innovative and colorful cosmetic and perfumery products, at an affordable price, the French brand Bourjois Paris has made its mark among the world's great beauty brands.
Their philosophy is clear: To provide Parisian elegance to all the women of the world, what they get with stylish products at affordable prices. "
Bourjois products are focused on women with a lot of personality. For the French house, the key is in the use of colors in makeup as a fashion accessory. Therefore, in its catalog we find more than 400 tones that are constantly renewed. In addition, Bourjois creates new collections each year adapted to the trends of the moment, with daring but elegant colors.
But the key to the success of the French brand is not only in its excellent products, the eye-catching designs of the wrappings, carefully created also contribute to create a bold and modern brand image. As an example, Bourjois creates numerous limited collections of his famous round make-up box.
Tiendas Agatha - Perfumería y Estética is authorized official distributor of the brand Bourjois.