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Juvena Mastercaviar Serum 30 ml


Shop online Juvena Mastercaviar Serum 30 ml at the best price.

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MasterCaviar is an exclusive Juvena serum that acts from the deepest part of the skin, injecting minerals, proteins and trace elements into the skin. Designed with SkinNova SC technology helps the skin to absorb all the nutrients it needs at the perfect time, it protects the stem cells getting them to act naturally to achieve a firm, smooth, smooth and young face. Its major ingredient is Caviar as it has multiple benefits like nutrients, minerals and vitamins that help the functioning of the metabolism of cells for the regeneration of cells. Another of its ingredients is the pure silk that helps to the intense hydration of the skin. MasterCaviar diminishes the signs that appear with age like stains, imperfections, reaffirming the skin and its density.



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