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Lancaster 365 Skin Repair Eye Serum 15 ml


Shop online Lancaster 365 Skin Repair Eye Serum 15 ml at the best price.

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Skin Repair Eye Serum contains a combination of the most modern eye contour ingredients. Its formula acts against biological aging and that caused by external agents, returning youth, light and freshness to the eyes also reducing bags and dark circles. Skin Repair repairs, protects and increases the duration of youthful eye contour. It repairs the main types of damage caused to the DNA by UVA rays, pollution and stress. Avoiding damage that can be caused in the. It contains a unique antioxidant complex enriched with Physalis that prolongs the duration of the skin by activating the memory of the cells so that they continue doing their work and thus avoid the appearance of small lines of expression and wrinkles. Reduce bags and dark circles thanks to its ingredients such as chestnut extract and caffeine that helps to remove even the most resistant circles.

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