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Sisley Baume En Eau a la Rose Noire Gift Set Creme à la Rose Noire Mask + Eye Contour Mask


Shop online Sisley Baume En Eau a la Rose Noire Gift Set Creme à la Rose Noire Mask + Eye Contour Mask at the best price.

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Sisley creates an illuminating treatment from Black Rose extracts, this cream fills the skin, protecting the skin’s hydration so that it does not dry out and unwanted wrinkles appear, the black rose extract illuminates the skin, also improving its texture to Let the light do its job and reflect better, Sisley intertwines the black rose with the hibiscus to tone and exfoliate the skin. Another of its ingredients is the essential oil of rose that together with that of magnolia and geranium creates a fresh and floral aroma that gives the skin a feeling of comfort awakening the five senses. Sisley specially designed the Black Rose mask, composed of extracts of Black Rose, Padina Pavónica, and Alquequenje Chalice that eliminates the signs of fatigue that occur on the skin, instantly restoring youth and energy. In just 10-15 minutes luminous skin, blurred wrinkles, hydrated and smooth skin. Thanks to its rose aroma it creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Express mask for the eye contour fights wrinkles and dark circles that are concentrated in this area of ​​the eyes, with just 10 minutes it hydrates the most delicate area of ​​the eyes, even eliminates the marks caused by not resting well, it also reinforces defenses in a natural way so that wrinkles and fine lines do not reappear. This SIsley mask leaves the skin with a velvet texture that also continues to act even when it is removed.



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