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3 LAB Anti-Aging Cream 60 ml


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Anti – Aging Cream is a luxurious water – based treatment that harnesses the power of moisturizing to diminish the signs of aging that go from the lines of expression and the changes produced in the skin by the pollution. Providing hydration throughout the day. This luxurious cream contains complex marine ingredients that help to deeply moisturize, maintain and regulate skin balance, while reducing the visible signs of aging. Immerse yourself in skin care based on the depths of the sea for maximum hydration and younger skin.



3LAB is a company based in New York, dedicated to the development of products for the skin care using the highest technology. Created in 2003 by Erica Chung, the cosmetic brand stands as one of the most luxurious in the world. The brand arrives to Spain in 2017.  3LAB is a selective cosmetics brand that creates skin care using high technology. In addition to Erica Chung, the firm has since its creation a team of two renowned chemists and a famous dermatologist with more than sixty years of experience in the field of skin care. 3LAB bases its philosophy on combining beauty and science to create the most innovative products in cosmetics. For this, the brand's labs are at the forefront in skin care technology, and proof of this is that 3LAB is behind some of the biggest advances in the beauty industry in recent years, for example the laureate Serum Super "h", winner of numerous awards. 3LAB tries to create the perfect cosmetics line, focusing its action on anti-aging. Its products seek to offer real results in the treatment of the skin, fighting environmental damages, wrinkles, fine lines and premature aging. The 3LAB treatment lines arrive in Spain in 2017. They are also available in selective perfumeries around the world.

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