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Adolfo Dominguez Bambú Eau de Toilette 120 ml Gift Set Eau de Toilette 60 ml.


Shop online Adolfo Dominguez Bambú Eau de Toilette 120 ml Gift Set Eau de Toilette 60 ml. at the best price.

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Bamboo by Adolfo Domínguez is a masculine fragrance inspired by the Anji Forest, an important Bamboo forest in China, its composition is full of energy, strength and vitality, evoking the Chi energy, the vital energy, the life force. It is a fresh, everyday fragrance with surprising nuances. Bambú by Adolfo Domínguez has been created for men who value naturalness and simplicity without giving up originality and innovation. The predominant notes are citrus, fruity, green vegetables, species of wood and moss. In addition, the basic axes on which the fragrance is developed are, natural freshness, modernity and modernity, without forgetting masculinity, balance, simplicity, elegance and personality. The top notes are Vegetable green, bamboo accord and fruity accord, its heart is formed by fresh spice and cardamom. The base is woody, leather, moss, cedar, patchouli, leather-tobacco and moss.



Adolfo Dominguez is a Spanish brand of textile and fashion products. The company has a division dedicated to perfumery. Puig, the second largest shareholder of the company is responsible of the distribution. 

In 1990, Adolfo Dominguez created the mythical eau de toilette Agua Fresca, which would end up becoming a reference fragrance of the brand, with later versions as Agua Fresca Extreme. Shortly thereafter, and continuing with its diversification strategy, the firm launched a complete collection of fragrances, becoming the first Spanish designer to launch a perfume collection under his own name.

Vetiver, Bamboo, Azahar, or the more recent Ceylan, have passed into history of high branded perfumery fragrances success in Spain, turning the line of perfumes Adolfo Dominguez successful.

Tiendas Agatha - Perfumes and Cosmetics is official dealer of the brand Adolfo Dominguez. 

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